If you're looking for training on co-operative leadership, check our our list of courses that deal with various aspects of the role. And remember, all our courses can be facilitated live in-person, or online via Zoom.

Being a co-operative leader

It is important for leaders to build a shared sense of purpose and belonging within their teams. This workshop considers organisational requirements and leadership practices,focusing on those that align to co-operative values and principles. 

Inclusion in action

The aim of this workshop is to collectively explore the differences between us all through the lens of co-operative values and how to embed inclusivity in everyday practice. 

Promoting climate change: how co-operatives can make a difference

The UK is now committed, in law, to become carbon neutral by 2050 and every organisation has a responsibility to transform its own culture. This aim of this workshop is to explore the links between climate action and participantsroles within their organisations. 

Working together effectively

The overall aim of this full day workshop is to collectively explore strategies for working together co-operatively as a team. It will be action focused and incorporate activities designed to encourage both collaborative reflection and application of learning. The co-operative values and principles will be embedded throughout to enable consideration of their application to co-operative leadership working practices.  

Meetings that work for all

In this workshop participants will develop skills and behaviours to make online and face-to-face meetings effective for everyone, whether they are leading or participating in the meeting. The workshop will take the format of interactive activities, enabling them to reflect, participate and assess what will work and why. Participants will create actionable ideas that can be implemented in future meetings to ensure they are equal and transformative for everyone.  

Engaging and motivating others

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect on and explore their past and current experiences of engaging and motivating others, but also what engages and motivates them. The session will include time to complete interactive activities as a group to gain an understanding of what has been effective, as well as the areas where they mightlike to develop in their role in order to engage and motivate teams, individuals and themselves. 

Effectively presenting your point of view

This workshop will help participants develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively present their point of view, whilst listening to and respecting the points of view of others. The workshop will include interactive activities which will support a reflective process to explore effective and ineffective communication techniques. It will also provide the opportunity for participants to create their own actions to support their role. 

Developing an engaged membership

Co-ops are membership organisations set up to meet the needs of their members, and an active, diverse and engaged membership is crucial for any co-operative to effective.  

Member to director pathway

The aim of this two-session workshop is to support the progression of co-operative members who are interested in becoming directors in the future.   

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