Whether you're keen to understand the basics of co-operatives, or are looking to increase your knowledge about the UK or international movements - we've got a course to suit. And remember, all our courses can be facilitated live in-person, or online via Zoom.

Co-operative values and principles in action

Whether new to co-operatives or experienced co-operators, this workshop is suitable for those wanting to explore the co-operative values and principles and how you can effectively put them into practice.  

Introduction to co-operatives

The aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction to co-operatives by exploring theirhistorical origins, including the values and principles, as well as the co-operative movement today.   

Exploring international co-operative development

The purpose of this workshop to explore the role that co-operative enterprise has in international development. It will introduce learners to the different ways co-operatives work to address a range of challenges across both the global north and south, linking to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

UK co-operatives

This workshop covers the background to the history and development of the UK co-operative movement, and asks questions such as, ‘Why and how did the co-operative movement grow and evolve?’, ‘Who was involved in the emerging movement?’ and ‘What does the UK movement look like today?’. It uses a range of activities to examine the UK co-operative movement and the work of different co-operatives, as well as giving people the opportunity to reflect on the future of the UK movement. 

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