Welcome to this collaborative learning initiative.

You have the opportunity to sign up to four online workshops aimed at helping improve the quality of your conversations & interactions with fellow union members and reps, along with building and maintaining relationships in your wider working and personal lives. 

At this stage, the dates released for each session are for late 2022 but more dates will be released after this – so don’t panic if you can’t make one of the sessions currently listed below.

The dates and other details are below:

How it works

These workshops are led by a Co-operative College tutor and will be delivered in 'blended' form consisting of around 90mins of personally delivered content on Zoom with small class sizes of around ten. Alongside this 'face-to-face' training, there will be some easy further learning materials on our Learning Management System (LMS), where you will be able to view videos and interact with your colleagues.  Both elements of the training will involve your participation and collaboration is encouraged. 

When you enrol on  a course, you will be enrolled on our LMS 'LearnWorlds' which will have links to all content, including the Zoom links.

You will be able to download a Co-operative College e-certificate from LearnWorlds for every online workshop that you successfully complete.

Signing up for a workshop

Signing up for a workshop is via the Eventbrite platform by selecting your chosen date below. 

Workshops are repeated over a three week period, so we recommend spacing out your attendance if possible. This will ensure you have enough review and reflection time to really make the most of each workshop’s learning. 

Please make sure you cancel any workshop if you find you can no longer attend. Bookings will be closed one week prior to the event.

Have your say: Help us improve our Programme

When you enrol onto one of these courses, you will be enrolled into LearnWorlds,  where you will be invited to provide some anonymous equality and diversity data. It’s up to you whether you fill this out – but it really helps us understand the reach and engagement of each orf our workshops.  At the end of each workshop, you will also be asked to complete a brief post-course evaluation feedback form, to let us know about your experience.  Once this is completed, you will be able to download your certificate from LearnWorlds.

Please allow for 2-3 minutes to complete the survey. This will help and inform what and how we operate in the future.

Workshop Descriptions and Dates/times

Making meetings work for all

In this online workshop you will develop skills and behaviours to make online and face-to-face meetings effective for everyone, whether you are leading or participating in the meeting. The workshop will take the format of interactive activities, enabling you to reflect, participate and assess what will work and why. You will create actionable ideas that can be implemented in future meetings to ensure they are equal and transformative for everyone, supporting you in your development of knowledge. The workshop also provides you with pre- and post-session activities, supporting a holistic approach to your own learning and development.

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Identify what an effective meeting looks and feels like to you.
  • Investigate techniques for participating in meetings which are transformative and equal. 
  • Create actionable ideas that can provide support ahead of future meetings.


Building confidence in the workplace

In this online workshop you will explore confidence and what this means to you in your role. The session will include interactive activities to provide opportunities for you to practise new techniques to develop your confidence and that of others, creating trusting environments. In addition, you will be coached on reflecting on your progress and how to create actions to support you in the future. The workshop also provides you with pre- and post-session activities creating a holistic approach to your own learning and development.

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Define confidence and identify what this looks and feels like to you.
  • Explore techniques for building confidence in a variety of situations which employ integrity and trust building.
  • Reflect on your own confidence and analyse how you might develop this in the future.


Engaging and motivating others

In this online workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect on and explore your past and current experiences of engaging and motivating others, but also what engages and motivates you. The session will include time to complete interactive activities as a group to gain an understanding of what has been effective and the areas you feel you would like to develop as a member to engage and motivate teams, individuals and yourself. The workshop also provides you with pre- and post-session activities, supporting a holistic approach to your own learning and development.

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Identify your current techniques for engaging and motivating others.
  • Examine effective and ineffective communication methods to engage and motivate others.
  • Participate in communication exchange with a given scenario and reflect on the process and outcomes in the context of engaging and motivating others to make informed decisions.

Book this course  through Eventbrite:

Tuesday 1 November & Friday 4 November: 12:30 - 13.15GMT  [2 x 45min sessions]     


Effectively presenting your point of view

In this online workshop you will develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively present your point of view, whilst listening to and respecting the points of view of others. The workshop will include interactive activities which will support a reflective process for you to be able to explore effective and ineffective communication techniques. It will also provide the opportunity for you to create your own actions to enable effective continuous development in your role. You will also be provided with pre- and post-session activities, supporting a holistic approach to your own learning and development.  

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Reflect on situations where you have demonstrated effective and ineffective communication in the workplace.
  • Explore communication techniques in pressurised situations which demonstrate respect and courage for all participants.
  • Evaluate progress so far and what actions you can take forward for continuous development.


Enjoy Yourselves

Finally, enjoy the learning and meeting other union colleagues!