Getting the basics right can go a long way to setting your organisation on a successful co-operative journey. Have a look at our business basics courses below. And remember, all our courses can be facilitated live in-person, or online via Zoom.

Meetings that work for all

In this workshop participants will develop skills and behaviours to make online and face-to-face meetings effective for everyone, whether they are leading or participating in the meeting. The workshop will take the format of interactive activities, enabling them to reflect, participate and assess what will work and why. Participants will create actionable ideas that can be implemented in future meetings to ensure they are equal and transformative for everyone.  

Effectively presenting your point of view

This workshop will help participants develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively present their point of view, whilst listening to and respecting the points of view of others. The workshop will include interactive activities which will support a reflective process to explore effective and ineffective communication techniques. It will also provide the opportunity for participants to create their own actions to support their role. 

Demystifying accounts

This workshop aims to demystify financial reports and accounts, to support participants to review reports and identify appropriate issues and/or questions to raise in meetings. 

Understanding strategy: a co-operative approach

This workshop provides an introduction to strategy, exploring what it is, why it is important and how it relates to the application of co-operative values and principles.

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