Bespoke Learning

Do you have material you want to turn into a piece of learning? Our years of expertise can ensure this is a quick and easy process which will leave you with an outstanding resource for yourself and your colleagues.Read more

Coaching for Success

Here at the Co-operative College we believe in helping people to help themselves in keeping with the Co-operative principles of self-help and self-responsibility. As part of our service we offer personal coaching by experienced specialists.Read more

Board Skills Audit

A 4 – 6 week process to identify the current skills and knowledge of Directors.Read more

Board Self-Assessment Tool

A tool for co-ops to use to identify current skills and knowledge of Directors to support the development of a training plan for the Board.Read more

Speaking in Chamber

This one day workshop is aimed at council members who want to boost their skills at delivering chamber speeches. It will show you how to deliver chamber speeches that will engage the whole audiences: from fellow members in the chamber to members of the general public watching debates on their smartphones.Read more

Managing Conflict in Co-ops

A one day workshop looking at how to identify, prevent and resolve conflicts in co-ops. Anyone interested in consensual conflict resolution, particularly those who are members of co-ops, will find this session useful and interesting.Read more

Directors' Induction

Do you need a couple of pointers on how to be a successful Director? This workshop is great for prospective Board members to provide an insight into co-ops and gives a strong foundation for starting in the role of Director.Read more

Establishing Co-operative Culture

Have you ever wondered how to act in a co-operative way? This course is for anyone who wants to consider how to behave to support co-ops and foster a culture of collaboration and co‑production.Read more

Take the Chair

A half day workshop aimed at improving skills at chairing meetings and leading focus groups. Attendees will learn how to be neutral, confident and articulate Chairs so that effective and efficient meetings are more easily achieved.Read more

An Introduction to Co-operative Finance

A one day workshop looking at co-op finance. Want to understand a bit more about how co-operatives finance themselves? Are you on a committee and would like a better understanding of the reports you are given?Read more