What is Co-operative Women's Voices?

Launched in 2011, Co-operative Women’s Voices aims to ensure that women are fairly represented at all levels within co-operative businesses and to campaign for gender equity more broadly in society. Our Head of International Partnerships, Dr Sarah Alldred works in partnership with Co-op News on a series of webinars, with support also coming from Co-operatives UK in previous years.

From the start, the co-operative movement has led the way in campaigning for gender equality, and whilst co-operatives perform better at leadership level than most FTSE companies, there is still progress to be made.

Previous research

Our research, carried out in support of the Co-operative Women's Voices Initiative, found that there are many and varied inspirational women working in the co-operative movement. Their responses showed how proud they were of their role and of working for a sector that has clear values and principles.

Women commented that they loved being part of the co-op movement and were keen to use the Women's Voices network as an opportunity to create supportive spaces and inspirational events to share experiences and advice, meet new people in the movement and develop networks.


A webinar series, delivered in partnership with Co-op News, began in September 2020. Recordings of previous webinars are available to watch now!

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