What is Co-operative Women's Voices?

Launched in 2011, Co-operative Women’s Voices aims to ensure that women are fairly represented at all levels within co-operative businesses and to campaign for gender equity more broadly in society. We are currently working in partnership with Co-ops UK, Co-op News and Unicorn Grocery to ensure that the Women's Challenge is progressing towards its 2020 goals and responding to what women in the co-operative sector have told us they want in terms of support and opportunities.

From the start, the co-operative movement has led the way in campaigning for gender equality, and whilst co-operatives perform better at leadership level than most FTSE companies, there is still progress to be made.

Our research, carried out in support of the Co-operative Women's voices Initiative,  found that there are many and varied inspirational women working in the co-operative movement, who are proud of their role and of working for a sector that has clear values and principles.

Women commented that they love being part of the co-op movement and were keen to use the Women's Voices network as an opportunity to create supportive spaces and inspirational events to share experiences and advice, meet new people in the movement and develop networks.

When is the next Co-operative Women's Voices event?

We'll be revealing details of the next event here soon, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so keep an eye out for updates! 

Our other projects

We also work across the globe with projects aimed at empowering women in countries such as Sri Lanka. Read Sri Baskaralingam's story and see how you can help us to continue transforming lives for the better.