This exciting project brings social action and co-operation together to tackle care leavers’ experiences of loneliness.

Young care leavers are particularly vulnerable to loneliness and isolation during the transition to independent adulthood. This project empowers these young people through co-operative principles of self-help, equality and solidarity to tackle these problems.

About the project...

In partnership with Greater Manchester Youth Network, we will engage groups of care leavers in Manchester and Rochdale to examine their experiences of loneliness through “community reporting”, while learning about co-operatives and developing new skills.

The evidence suggests that poor outcomes for care leavers are linked to weak support networks, few friends and feelings of isolation and loneliness. Youth Co-operative Action, through volunteering, campaigning and fundraising, will:

  • Bond the group of care leavers together as a co-operative, providing a mutual support network that will continue after the conclusion of the project
  • Enable care leavers to address and take action on their own loneliness, and also that of their peers
  • Empower young people to develop self-confidence, achieve positive outcomes as a collective and to begin to engage with stakeholders and decision makers in an ongoing conversation on the issues they face

Take a look at the video below, where you'll hear the thoughts of Cat, our Project Officer, and the difference that she thinks this project will make to the communities involved.

Project update

We're delighted to share this fantastic video with you, highlighting the difference that the project has made to the lives of the care leavers involved. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

Youth Co-operative Action was made possible with the support of the Co-operative Foundation #iwill Fund.