CWV webinar recordings

Since starting the Co-operative Women's Voices webinar series, we've had the pleasure of hearing from some truly inspirational voices within the UK and international movement. You can find links to the recordings of some of the webinars here

For a flavour of what to expect, scroll down to read some words of wisdom our guest speakers had to share.

Roz Henry LuAnn Werner

Heather Roberts Jane Avery

Tiziana O'Hara  Melina Morrison

Anna Tibblin  Dame Pauline Green

Mirai Chatterjee          Rose Marley

Cheryl Barrott         Susanne Westhausen

Helen Wiseman         Dr Sonia M Dias

Elaine Dean         Debbie Robinson

Simel Esim         Ana Aguirre

We need to show women that it's OK to speak and it's OK to take credit for what we do

Ana Aguirre

The engine that drove me was other co-operative women that supported me into these places and spaces

Cheryl Barrott

Take the opportunities that come your way, when they come your way

Debbie Robinson

It's our responsibility to make sure that other women also enjoy and have the privilege of this journey

Mirai Chatterjee

Believe in yourself, be curious, and go do it!

Susanne Westhausen