We're delighted to reveal that Her Majesty the Queen has sent her best wishes for our centenary celebrations.

A landmark moment

Received following our loyal greetings request, the letter offers congratulations for what's proved to be a thoroughly memorable year so far!

loyal greetings letter

A royal connection

The Queen viewing the exhibitionHer Majesty the Queen is familiar with the history and significance of the co-operative movement, having signed the historic visitors book of the Rochdale Pioneers as part of her visit to what's now Touchstones Rochdale back in 1994.

Alongside His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, they toured the special exhibition which included interactive panels on the development of the co-operative movement and unique co-operative artefacts. 

The Queen

The visitors book was started way back in 1862 as the Pioneers were getting so many visitors from distant parts of the UK and abroad. It's on display at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum - go pay them a visit and take a look!

More to come

There's still lots more to come throughout our centenary year too, including our very special centenary conference. Titled Co-operative College 100 years: And now the future it will take place in Rochdale from the 26-28 November.

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Our centenary