Young people from our Co-operative (ad)Venture scheme in Fife have created video tours of monuments & landmarks across the local area for Veterans unable to leave their homes during Covid-19.

The project, delivered in partnership with Enable Works, has seen participants aged 16-30 work together to identify what support is required for members of the local community and then take social action to address the challenges they find. 

High Fife logo designed by young people

Taking social action in their community

During this research that they identified members of the Veteran community, who through illness or injury, were unable to visit landmarks across the Fife area. It was from here that the idea of vlogging these local landmarks was sparked, with the young people creating the High Fife branding for their video series and both directing and narrating the footage.

Watch their first video

The first video in the three part series is now available to watch below.

Daniel Cox, our UK Project Development Manager, commented:

It’s wonderful to see the young people from our Co-operative (ad)Venture Fife project taking social action in such a meaningful way. Covid-19 has blighted the lives of many this year, so to offer an uplifting experience that will bring joy to War Veterans across the local area is something that will make a real difference and leave a lasting legacy that all the young people can be proud of.

Liam Flinn, Employment Coordinator, ENABLE Works said:

Life is so different at the moment so the young people had to think outside of the box and they did just that. They were so creative and wanted to help War Veterans and individuals who find it hard to access these landmarks. I am very proud of them.

Applications are now open for the next cohort of our Co-operative (ad)Venture Fife project, set to start in April 2021. If you or someone you know would like to take part then visit our dedicated project page to find out more.

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