Many young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and autism are not given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

There are a number of barriers that they often face including:

  • A lack of understanding as to what people with a learning disability can do with the right support
  • A lack of good quality support to get and maintain employment
  • Attitudes of employers

What did Co-operative (Ad)venture look like?

A series of engaging activities that equipped young people with the skills needed to assist with the smooth transition from compulsory education to further education, training and employment.

Young people:

  • Gained a deep understanding of co-operative values and practices,
  • Set up their own 'co-operative' taking action to tackle any problems they collectively identify in their local community
  • Attended work experience at a local employer to help gain the experience needed in the workplace
  • Gained confidence and skills to take into their working life, boosting their local community

What previous cohorts have achieved

One of our Fife Co-operative (ad)Venture project created a brilliant video that highlights all the attractions that visitors to Fife can explore.

The film, titled The Fife Jaunt, offers a welcome boost to the local tourism sector, having been badly hit by the pandemic. That's not all either, as the group have also received local media coverage for their efforts! You can watch the video below.

Our partners

Our partners in Fife were the fantastic ENABLE, the largest member led learning disability charity in Scotland. Read more about their work here.