We’ve developed our very own digital badge that will see an initial rollout across our youth projects, recognising the achievements of all those who take part.

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are an informal way of recognizing non-accredited learning. Their eye catching designs are perfect for use across digital platforms such as LinkedIn and they can be accessed anywhere, anytime via a link.

Find out more about digital badges and how they work in the video below.

What does the College digital badge look like?

You can see the first of our digital badges below. We’ve got big plans to create many more and award these across our youth projects including Youth Co-operative Action and Co-operative (ad)Venture.

Our digital badge titled Community Co-operator

Why do digital badges matter?

Digital badges are now widely recognised across the recruitment sector and can be used to add depth to a range of digital profiles including LinkedIn. As our Project Manager Daniel Cox explains, they're about recognising the achievements of our young people in more than just qualifications.

Digital badges allow us to recognise achievements that go beyond traditional qualifications and help explain the key skills that were achieved on successful completion of a project or activity. They demonstrate how our young people have given back to the community in a co-operative way and allow all the participants to add something that's really distinctive and different to their CVs.

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