With around 90,000 co-operatives and 8 million members, you'd be forgiven for thinking the co-operative movement in Turkey is thriving. Unfortunately, that's not the case, with many of these co-operatives unable to function effectively due to a lack of training.

The project

Working in partnership with Ankara Development Agency, DGRV (German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation) and Legacoop in Italy, we're playing a key role in developing innovative new training that will encourage more co-op start-ups and strengthen existing co-ops.

Our wide-ranging experience of developing training programmes and resources will be showcased through "train the trainer" sessions, with people working within the co-operative movement in Turkey to ensure that best practice is widely shared, making them better able to respond to the needs of the sector.

Once complete, the project will benefit over 550,000 people living in Ankara's sub regions and increase sustainable rural development, benefiting small holder farmers and disadvantaged groups such as those who are unemployed.