From Rwanda to Rochdale, Manchester to Malawi, our work is making a difference to the lives of women right around the world. This International Womens Day take a more in-depth look at just some of our work via the links below.


Statistic highlighting how through our work, the percentage of women in leadership positions increased by 18%

We've been working in Malawi for a number of years, focusing on co-op development work in partnership with the Scottish government. Families have benefited from the outcomes of gender training, meaning that domestic work is shared more evenly at home. More women are now in leadership positions within their co-operatives too, demonstrating a stronger voice both at home and in the community.

Furthermore, over 4,000 women and nearly 2,000 men have received co-operative development training and support across three regions of Malawi, promoting the production of high value crops of coffee, macadamia, tea, sugarcane and rice.

We have also supported the growth of 328 new co-op businesses and the creation of the country's first national apex body for co-operatives, the Malawi Federation of Co‑operatives (MAFECO)

Read more about our work in Malawi via the link below.

More details about our work in Malawi


Working with many of those who were affected by the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, this project supports over 1500 self help groups.

By utilising the train the trainer technique, those involved in the project will be equipped with the skills to set up their own co-operative business.

Read more about this inspiring project below.

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Women in Zambia are often the poorest and most marginalised group, lacking a voice or the agency to move beyond basic level farming. That's why we've partnered with Christian Aid to help over 4000 farmers, encouraging them to set up co-operatives and make their voices heard.

The partnership has seen training delivered to over 1,600 households on the damaging effects of gender stereotyping. Read more about the project below.

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Sri Lanka

In a country severely impacted by war and natural disaster, our work has focused on rebuilding the co-operative movement there. We've trained over 2000 people, many of whom were women widowed as a result of the tragedies that have struck the country in recent times. You can read more about this uplifting project below.

More details of our Sri Lanka work


The co-operative movement has led the way in campaigning for gender equality, with nearly twice as many women directors of co-operative retailers as FTSE 100 and 250 companies.

Despite this, we know there's still a long way to go. That's why we partnered with Co-operatives UK and Co-op News to relaunch the Co-operative Women’s Challenge.

This network focuses on creating supportive spaces and inspirational events to discuss some of the challenges facing equality in the co-operative sector and beyond.

Read about how you can get involved below.

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