Our innovative project work has a global reach, from international co-operative development in countries such as Malawi, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Rwanda, to partnering in a range of European co-operative education programmes. We also work closer to home in the UK where we carry out our youth empowerment work.

At its heart, all our project work has a strong sense of social justice, reflecting the 7th Co-operative Principle: Concern for the Community.

Take a tour through our Projects pages via the links below and find out more about the work we do.

International Development

We work with individuals and communities to change lives. We provide training that enables people to overcome disadvantage and cultural barriers, to work together to build their own co-ops and transform their own lives and those of their communities. Read more about past and current work here.


Some of the European projects we've worked on over the years helped tackled society's biggest challenges, including youth unemployment and the rebalancing of the economy to provide decent living and working conditions. Read more here.


Our work in the UK helps strengthen the UK co-operative movement. These include youth projects, work with people with learning difficulties, disabilities and autism, and ensuring women are fairly represented in the co-op movement. Read more about past and present work here.