Our second course - 'Spanner in the Works? Co-operation then, now and into the Future', in partnership with Imperial College London, starts on May 4, 2022. The online course takes place from 6pm-8pm every Wednesday evening for five weeks.

About the course

In this short, interactive course, Dr Amanda Benson will take us on a fascinating journey into the history and ideas behind the modern co-operative movement. You will discover the role that co-operatives played in the development of social movements; from the women co-operators who played a role in the birth of the peace movement to co-operative idealists promoting better societies by creating youth groups like the Woodcraft Folk.

Using the latest online technology and innovative teaching methods you will also explore:

  • How co-operativism aided people in the past, analysing and critiquing the model and how it’s changed from its inception to the modern day
  • Whether co-operatives still offer solutions to the challenges facing society, such as inequality and the climate emergency

This course is open to all, and no previous knowledge of politics or history is necessary. 

Bookings for the May 2022 course are no longer being taken.

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