Over 60 international visitors from six countries joined us last month on our co-operative tour packages.

They visited the world famous Rochdale Pioneers Museum and took in tours of some of the most successful co-ops here in the North West.

We had a delegation visit from ICCIC - The International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives as part of a whistle-stop tour of the UK. As a Chinese INGO whose roots go back to 1938, it was fascinating to hear about how the co-operative movement in China has grown and developed.

As part of their visit, we hosted a discussion on the work of the co-operative movement here in the UK, attended by representatives from a number of different organisations including The Co-operative Group, Coop News, Co-ops UK, and former Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council.

Chinese visitors discussion

The discussion looked at how we could build closer links between the co-operative movement in the UK and China, and compared some of the similarities between the two countries. They are committed to promoting genuine cooperatives in China and have been active in running training programmes in cooperative business for farmers in rural areas.

We also welcomed students from Mondragon University in Spain and visitors from Denmark, Sweden and even Australia!

Visitors from Denmark exploring

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