Following on from the success of our last Susy Film Festival, the next event will take place at the Trades Club on Holme Street, Hebden Bridge.

There'll be a total of three films showing 2.30pm. You can see a summary of these below

Living with Dignity of Your Land (37 minutes, 2015)

The film tells the story about the birth of the production of sustainable products in Senegal and stresses that it is possible to create a competitive and economically stable farm enterprise. In the film, we get to know some of the members of agricultural cooperatives using agroecological techniques to face difficulties that plague family agriculture in Senegal. They share with us their journey and experiences of living with dignity of their land again.
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Extraordinary People (30 minutes, 2015)

People living in Turkey`s eastern Black Sea region, along with their traditions, unique lifestyle and uncommonly practical solutions for life, mostly take us into either deep thinking or hilarious laughter. Metin Akinci is bored from the city life and cannot resist the temptation of moving back to the village of his childhood. One day, Metin leaves his two adult children and the wife behind and decides to settle in the village of a thousand meters high of Çamlýhemþin. Black sea people make extraordinary things not only on personal but also on communal level. They have uncommon life style and sense of entertainment. They despite the harsh natural conditions in this tough region with their unique creativity and practical solutions bring a different meaning to life.

Palmas (56 minutes, 2014)

In 1973, moved by interests of property speculation, the Prefecture of Fortaleza expropriated 1,500 families from their homes in the coastal area of Fortaleza. These families were transferred to a location without the minimum housing infrastructure, there are more than twelve miles from their place of origin, and initiated an intense movement of claims and struggles. This would be a story like so many scattered throughout Brazil and other parts of the world, were not because of the fact that this community to solve the socio-economic problems of its residents, also created its own money, THE PALMS. And a bank: the 1st Community, Popular Bank of Brazil, BANCO.
The films will be followed by food from Vinod at 5pm, with music from 3 acres and a cow at 6pm.

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