Young people involved in the Manchester cohort of our Co-operative Adventure project raised over £100 last week through their Fun Fest Cafe.

The project supports young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and autism to make a difference to their own lives and their communities, equipping them with the skills needed to assist with the smooth transition from compulsory education into training, employment or further education.

Cakes galore

Co-operative Adventure Fun Fest Cafe

Held at our offices in Holyoake House, the students of Melland High School hosted a fantastic afternoon complete with board games, cakes, biscuits and the all important tea and coffee. Co-operative Values have been at the heart of the project since day one, with the Fun Fest co-operative a fantastic outcome of all their hard work.

Playing games at Fun Fest

Making a difference

Over £100 was raised during the afternoon, with the proceeds going to local homeless charity The Booth Centre. All the funds generated by the event will be used to ​help homeless people find accommodation and overcome the practical difficulties they are facing.​ 

Group picture at Fun Fest

This ensures that as well as benefiting all the young people involved, the project also helps the local community, giving other people the opportunity to transform their lives for the better.

Get involved

We run our Co-operative Adventure Project throughout the year, with groups starting at different times. If you'd like to take part, or know anyone who would be a perfect fit, then take a look at more more information via the button below.

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