The review process, which began in summer 2020, involved a wholesale review of our operations, led by our Board of Trustees, members of our Senior Management Team and concluded by John Chillcott following his appointment as Interim CEO late last year.
The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been challenging, but also a catalyst for new thinking about about how we operate and deliver on our mission.

What this means for Co-operative Education

The restructuring exercise that we've undertaken is designed to produce a stronger and more distinctive blended co-operative learning offer, inclusive of youth and adult education, combined with research, training and project work that reaches across the UK and to partners globally.

As we embark on a new chapter in our proud history, our members remain at the heart of everything we do. We'll need their support and the support of the wider co-operative movement more than ever as we continue to develop radical education programmes that fight for social justice. Together we are fearless thinkers, innovators and passionate about change.

We asked our Senior Management Team to comment on the changes and what they mean for the future of the College.

The challenges of 2020, coupled with the need to create a financially sustainable model, have meant that like many organisations, we’ve had to take decisive action to ensure we can continue our work in communities across the UK and around the world. Inevitably, this has involved some very difficult decisions that impact many colleagues, all of whom have dedicated themselves to ensuring the College remains relevant over 100 years on from its creation. We are committed to supporting all colleagues through the transition and will continue to engage with the wider movement on our future plans and their requirements.

John Chillcott, Interim CEO

This process has come at a time when the need for co-operative education has never been greater. Learning how to 'do' co-operation successfully, whether as an organisation, a leader, a team, or in a community, has a greater urgency than ever before as alternative work and business models emerge at this time of crisis. There have been some incredibly difficult decisions around the restructure that affect colleagues, all of whom have worked tirelessly over a number of years to take co-operative education to new audiences. We now start work on transition to the new structure by late April and I’m looking forward to revitalising the learning offer and the College becoming a focus of co-operative education globally.

Dr Cilla Ross, Interim Principal

With the help of management, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of the College strategy. The world we inhabit is changing and so we must adapt to remain relevant. We see an exciting future and a clear role for the College that requires us to make some fundamental changes.

Nigel Todd, Chair of Trustees

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