We're committed to delivering co-operative education right across the globe, and in February next year we'll be taking our flagship executive education programme to Asia for the first time.

In partnership with the CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy, we're running two separate events, the first taking place from February 21-23, in Manila, and the second held in Cagayan de Oro from February 25-27.

Delivered by experts in co-operative leadership and education, the immersive three-day programme will equip all attendees with the skills and knowledge of how to best to lead and manage others within a cooperative context.

Key highlights

The course will cover a number of different areas including:

  • How do Cooperative leaders think globally and act locally?
  • What values make a cooperative leader and why?
  • How to adopt a values-led, adaptive and ethical leadership approach.

Delivery will be focused on interactive breakout sessions, maximising the opportunity for networking and the sharing of best practice examples. Extensive case studies will also form the basis of all learning materials, providing tangible examples that all delegates will be able to put into practice.

If you'd like to learn more about the course, and our unique partnership with CLIMBS, then click the button below.

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