One of the most substantial barriers around awareness of co-operatives is the continued absence of the model in curricula across the world. This is something we are determined to change in many elements of our work, including participation in the brand new YOUCOOPE project.


YOUCOOPE is a European project that aims to encourage educational institutions to include the co-operative model in their curricula and to promote it among young students and entrepreneurs. 

The ten institutions involved, of which we're one, are designing innovative training modules with resources, methodologies and tools for educators to integrate co-operative entrepreneurship concepts, skills and real experiences in their classroom. A key part of the initiative will see the launch of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that will be free for anyone to complete.

When will the MOOC launch?

The MOOC is scheduled to launch on or around the 7 January, with further activity planned afterwards. This includes a programme of workshops that will debut in the spring, a number of which we'll be playing a key role in delivering.

Dr Sarah Alldred, International Programmes Manager at the Co-operative College commented: 

“It’s crucial for the future success of the co-operative movement that younger generations are introduced to the benefits of co-operation. The unique challenges that we face demand alternative approaches, and integrating co-operatives into curricula will increase awareness of a model that’s proven to empower people and bring about real, radical change that benefits more than just a select few.”

More information about the project is available on the YOUCOOPE website, where you'll also find details of how to register for the MOOC.