Following the release of our initial statement at the start of June, we've worked to turn words into action. Following consultation and conversations involving all our staff team, we've developed four key pledges that we wanted to share.

Our pledges

We will continue to find time and space to have the important conversations. This is a collective effort and one that we are committed to continuing as an organisation. Learning from each other, breaking down any barriers, sharing experiences, and having a safe space to talk are right at the heart of this.

We will encourage employee activism. Our Annual Leave & Time Off Policy allows for all staff to take up to three days off (paid) to do volunteer work per year. We will expand our consideration of what we mean by ‘volunteering’ under this policy, to include the opportunity for staff to attend and participate in organised activism events such as protests.

We will reimburse all employees for purchasing literature or learning resources. Anyone wishing to self-educate on matters relating to race, black history or the black experience can reclaim the cost of such resources through our expenses system.  Such resources could include books, materials or attending webinars.

We will appeal to the co-operative movement for people to share their experiences, learning and journey to help educate others. We will actively encourage the discussion of a broad range of culturally diverse topics, creating spaces for people to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Commitment to the community. We will better reflect the communities we work with, increasing the diversity of our staff team and engage with a broader range of communities.

In addition to the above, we continue to develop a list of resources that will include educational materials and a wide range of links to charities and emergency funds that work in this area. 

If you have any resources which you would like to share with us to add to this please get in touch below.

Share your resources

You can view a selection of the materials submitted to the resources bank so far by scrolling through the stream below.