Our Vice Principal Dr Cilla Ross writes extensively on decent work. As well as a report on delivery workers (which you can read here) we have also contributed significantly to a short report commissioned by the TUC.

The report Organising Precarious Workers: Trade Union and Co-operative Strategies seeks to identify where co-operative solutions can genuinely contribute towards decent work.

You can read the report here, whilst a longer version will be published in November 2017

Working Together - Trade Union and Co-operative Innovations for Precarious Workers

March 20th saw the release of a ground breaking report, co-authored by our research team, which sets out how co-ops can provide solutions for those trapped in precarious work.

Supported by the Network for Social Change, Wales Co-operative Centre and the Institute for Solidarity Economics, the report highlights Indycube as a blueprint for how partnerships between trade union and co-operatives can flourish.

At a time when the number of zero hours workers has increased by over 800,000 within the past decade, 77% of self-employed workers are living in poverty (and 45% earn less than the living wage) and 7.1 million (more than one in five) are in precarious work, it also offers practical decent work solutions.

You can read the full Working Together Report here whilst the issue has also been covered by a joint CICOPA and ICA report on the future of work