Strengthening our international partnerships - Philippines

In January 2023, our CEO, Neil Calvert, visited the Philippines to share knowledge and strengthen our international co-operative connections. Read more

Facing the Future – Young People and Climate Change

We spoke to some of the young people taking part in our Youth Co-operative Action project to find out how they feel about the fight to protect the planet and what they’d change if they were in charge. Read more

Playground Reflections: New Blood for the New Economy

Our UK Project Manager Daniel Cox shares his thoughts and reflections following a trip to the Stir to Action Festival earlier this year. Read more

Supporting Young People During the Pandemic

Our CEO and Principal Neil Calvert shares his thoughts on the work that's being done to support young people during the pandemic. Read more

How do we Transform Education to Build Back Better?

In the first of a brand new series of guest blogs on our site, Entrepreneur, Educator and Activist Louis Howell shares his thoughts on the disruption that's desperately needed in the education sector. Read more

Making Online Learning Engaging, not Enraging

What makes great online learning? What can you do to make the digital experience for your learners as engaging as possible? Our Curriculum Development Manager Amanda shares her top tips. Read more

Face to Screen

When covid-19 hit we took our youth project work online. Our project co-ordinator Daniel shares his thoughts on the impact it's had on all those involved and the changes we've made. Read more

10 Fantastic Photos From The Worldwide Co‑operative Movement

A whistle stop tour of some of the best photographs from the history of the Co-operative Movement. Read more

A Co-operative Fellow

What changes are we likely to see in learning as a result of coronavirus and what role will co-production play in re-shaping the landscape? We asked our very first visiting fellow Simon Thomson to take a look Read more

Going Remote: the Challenge of Working from Home

Working from home will be new to many of us right now, so what's the best way to combat the distractions but still stay digitally connected? Read more

Combating Climate Change and the Potential Silver Lining

What steps can you take to combat climate change and what's the potential silver lining? Read more

Love to Learn - Halyma's story

Halyma shares her inspirational story of how despite growing up in a family where education for girls wasn’t approved, through persisting, she challenged the status quo and with it, her parent's mindset. Read more

A Lifelong Co-operative Union

February could be said to be the most romantic month of the year. After meeting through the Co-operative Union, Kath and Stuart celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary earlier this month - here's a look at their story. Read more

Love to Learn - Nina's Story

Our Membership and Events Officer Nina shares her story of how she's fitted in time to learn around her life as a busy working mum and the benefits of taking up a new hobby. Read more

We've all Become Friends - Youth Project Builds Skills and Relationships

As our Youth Co-operative Action Project gets underway in Bury and Rochdale, we caught up with some of the young people who've already taken part and heard the difference it's made for them. Read more

The Power of Co-operation

Our Projects and Research Officer Amanda Benson saw the power of co-operation first hand during her recent visit to Rwanda. Read more

Exploring Rochdale

Rochdale is a wonderful town with plenty to see and do. We've put together a list of places to explore - now all you have to do is tick them off! Read more

A Passion for Change

What can the Co-operative Movement do to attract the next generation? Councillor Sean Fielding, leader of Oldham Council and Greater Manchester Portfolio Lead for Education, Skills, Work and Apprenticeships, shares his thoughts ahead of our Centenary Conference. Read more

An Ethical Foundation in Uncertain Times

With just under one month to go until our Centenary Conference gets underway, our Projects Co-ordinator Daniel shares his thoughts on how co-operatives can attract a new generation Read more

Rochdale to Rwanda

As the 2019 ICA General Assembly comes to a close in Kigali, we explore the difference our work is making across Rwanda. Read more

Listen and Communicate

Andy Mortimer, Communications Manager at Co-op Foundation, tells us what he thinks the co-operative movement can do to make itself more relevant to young people. Read more

Time for Radical Change

Lois McClure, former winner of National Intermediate Apprentice of the Year and a key member of the partnerships team at Co-op, tells us why she thinks co-operatives can be the radical change young people crave Read more

Bringing People Together

Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chair of the ICA’s Asia & Pacific Region Youth Network, shares his thoughts on why co-operative education is important and what the co-operative movement can do to make itself more relevant to young people. Read more

Reaching a New Audience

We're launching a brand new blog series this August focused on inspiring a new generation of co-operators. Anca Voinea shares her thoughts on being part of our youth day at our Centenary Conference later this year. Read more

A Work of Art

Young people from our Co‑operative Adventure project held a unique art exhibition to raise funds for a local charity Read more

Spreading the Co-operative Values and Principles

Emma Raftery explains how attending one of our courses has inspired her to help other co-operatives Read more

Seeing the impact

What impact has our Co-operative (ad)Venture project had on those involved? We asked our UK Programmes Manager Gemma Obeng to find out Read more

A Co-operative Adventure

We check in with our Project Co-ordinator Lindsey to see how the participants on our Co-operative (ad)Venture project in Cannock are getting on. Read more

Life as a Co-operative Learner

How has the learning experience changed here at the College? Archivist Sophie McCulloch takes a look. Read more

To Teach is to Learn Twice

Our Chief Executive and Principal Simon Parkinson blogs about our recent training that we ran in the Philippines Read more

Returning to Learning

In her competition entry, Eileen tells us how returning to an old hobby re-ignited her love of education Read more

Spreading the Co-operative Leadership Message

Our CEO Simon gives us his thoughts on what qualities make a great co-operative leader Read more

Back to the start

Archivist Sophie McCulloch delves into the National Co-operative Archive in search of key figures from the College's past Read more

Continuing to Learn

Our CEO Simon Parkinson is the first of our college team to share his thoughts on the impact that learning has had on his life Read more

From Pupil to Teacher

Read Katie's inspiring story about how her love of learning grew from a young age Read more

Shaping the Future of Adult Education

Our Vice Principal Dr Cilla Ross gives us an insight into the first meeting of the Commission for Adult Education 100 Read more

Youth Takeover

Local young people take the lead in shaping a co-operative future for Rochdale Read more

Youth Co-operative Action - The story so far

How can volunteers transform a community for the better? Our Youth Co-operative Action participants went to Todmorden to find out. Read more

Opportunity for all

Take a look at how our Together Enterprise project will inspire young people to make a difference in Rochdale Read more

The difference we make

Back in 2016, our Vice Principal Cilla Ross visited Sri Lanka and saw for herself the difference our work makes. Read more

A global movement connected by our Values and Principles – part 2

In part two of her blog, Nicola explores just how important the Co-operative Values and Principles are Read more

Taking part in the Co‑operative Development Course

Paul attended our Exploring International Co-operative Development Course - read what he thought of it right here! Read more

Heritage Action zone project launched

Take a look at how we're playing a key role in Rochdale Councils plans to regenerate historic areas of the town Read more

What a difference a day makes - part two!

Co-ops and carrots – part two of Angela’s blog looking at how co‑ops are helping transform rural Turkey Read more

Being a Director

How does being the director of a co-op differ from a traditional private business? Read more

What a difference a day makes!

How are co-ops making a difference in rural Turkey? Angela explores this and more in part 1 of her blog Read more

Lively launch for loneliness project

Amanda got fully involved in our youth social action launch event earlier this month - read about how she got on here Read more