We had some fabulous entries last year for our love to learn competition. Here are just a few that we hope will inspire you for this year's competition.

Rhian's Story

Rhian inspired us all with her great story about how her love for learning grew from an early age.

Adam's Story

Adam's story highlighted the many barriers that he had to overcome to achieve his learning goals.

Patricia's Story

Patricia reflected on how return to learning had changed her life for the better.

Linda's Story

Linda wrote about how important it was to make time for learning, even when life inevitably gets in the way.

Nikki's Story

Nikki's blog explored the issue of how learning is still hugely valuable, even if it's not formally assessed or graded.

Our staff also submitted some fantastic tales about their relationship with learning, a number of which you can read below.

Cilla's Story

Cilla's fabulous blog discussed how she grew to love learning over time.

Amanda's Story

Amanda did things a little differently, with part one and part two discussing different periods of her life and how learning played a key role in each.

Andrea's Story

Andrea's blog reflected on her recent scoping visit to Rwanda and the difference that learning and education will make to the lives of the people living there.

We'll be announcing a winner very soon, so stay tuned for updates!