The College is working in partnership with William Jackson Food Group (WJFG) and permaculture organisation Kusamala to support 1,000 villagers in the Ntcheu district of central Malawi. Whilst many Ntcheu farmers are organised into simple co-ops, they still experience poverty and are largely unable to generate a decent enough income to provide for their families.

Through this project the College will deliver life-changing training and support to enable them to become self-sufficient, and also be educated around really important issues such as gender and youth, as well as HIV and AIDS. By combining a range of learning and practical skills, the College’s work achieves many goals. Not only do families benefit from a more inclusive approach to work and family life through recognising that women and young people’s roles should be valued and acknowledged, but also learn about promoting health and wellbeing and being able to provide a year-round supply of nutritious food to ensure that family members stay healthy. The great bonus of this permaculture approach means that even in lean or dry seasons, there should always be a variety of crops for people to use locally, saving them money and providing an income.