Develop and Manage Your Networks

Explore the value of developing both existing and new personal networks in this interactive workshop Read more

Leading Effective Meetings

This one-day workshop teaches delegates how to be neutral, confident and articulate in meetings so that decisions are made effectively. Read more

Meeting Stakeholder Needs

This interactive workshop explores the type of stakeholders a co-op has and will help you to identify, meet and support stakeholder requirements in your organisation. Read more

Establish Co‑operative Culture

Whether you're new to co-operatives, or just want to learn more, this course will highlight what's unique about the co-operative way of working. Read more

Co-operative Decision Making

This one-day workshop considers the benefits of consensus decision-making, a process that ensures decisions are explored thoroughly and strong disagreements are resolved. Read more

Conducting Management Projects

This unit will explore the project life-cycle and you will have the opportunity to reflect upon how it relates to your work objectives and operational activities. Read more

Co-operatives and Corporate Social Responsibility

This one-day workshop will explore corporate social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. Read more

Leading Equality and Diversity

This interactive workshop looks at organisational commitment to equality and diversity and the application and support it receives. Read more

An Introduction to International Co‑operative Development

Join us at this one-day workshop and immerse yourself in the world of international co-operative development. Read more

Introduction to Coaching

Come develop your coaching skills in this interactive workshop and learn how supporting others can also benefit you. Read more

Exploring International Co‑operative Development

Learn about International Co-operative Development from the comfort of your own home! Read more