What is Youcoope?

YOUCOOPE is a European project that encourages educational institutions to include the cooperative model in their curricula and to promote it among young students and entrepreneurs.  

Working alongside nine other institutions, we are:

  • Promoting the initiative via our newsletter and social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Designing innovative training modules packed with resources, methodologies and tools for educators to integrate cooperative entrepreneurship concepts, skills and real experiences in their classroom.
  • Encouraging participants to seek the collaboration of existing cooperatives from their local area, boosting awareness of co-ops and the co-operative way of working.

What are the goals of Youcoope?

There are four key aims of the Youcoope project. These are to:

  • Encourage educational institutions to teach co-operative entrepreneurship
  • Provide tools and resources that can be used to spread an understanding of co-ops and boost awareness
  • Increase collaboration between educational institutions and co-ops, building long lasting partnerships
  • Grow co-operative entrepreneurship so that it becomes a leading choice for new projects

What's the Youcoope impact so far?

Graphic promoting Youcoope workshops

A free online MOOC course ran last year with incredible results including: 

  • Over 400 people signed up to the course
  • Participants from over 20 countries
  • Over 200 people pre registered for the workshops (find out more below!)

How you can take part in Youcoope

Building on this success, there are now two streams of international workshops taking place this autumn that are aimed at separate audiences. Applications to the programme are now closed, however you can see the structure of the workshops below.

Workshops for secondary school teachers:

Start: 4th October 

Sessions: 4, 11, 18, 25 October and 1 November 

Time: 2pm - 4pm GMT

Professors at Universities, Researchers and doctoral students.

Start: 5 October

Sessions: 5, 12, 19, 26 October and 2 November

Time:2pm - 4pm GMT