The Higher Education system is broken. Soaring student debt, staff on precarious contracts and Vice Chancellor’s taking home astronomical salaries. We think there’s a different way. A more co-operative way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a new type of university based on social justice and co-operative values and principles which works for the mutual benefit of all.

A Co-operative University will empower students, enhancing their skills to develop new ways of thinking, working, researching and learning for life.

Take a look at the video below to see what will make a future Co-operative University so unique

Our Values and Principles

We're different because we are founded upon the co-operative values and principles. For us, education must:

  • Challenge injustice, inequality and exploitation in all its forms
  • Recognise that teachers and students have much to learn from each other and should work together to design and develop content and delivery
  • Be based on a social purpose and political and economic democracy
  • Enhance wellbeing and enable everyone to explore their full range of abilities
  • Strengthen and grow a different kind of society with co-operative values at its heart

We share a view of the world that is based upon values and equality – with a commitment to building an extraordinary academic experience for all.

So how does this different approach work in practice?  Here are just some of the key points that make us unique:

Membership and Governance

A Co-operative University will be run based on co-operative principle of democratic member control and the values of equity and equality. This means that the staff and students will be members of the university and have a real say in shaping the learning experience it offers. Both staff and students will have representation on all HE governance boards and all staff and students will have full voting rights at the university's AGM.

Active Learning Open to All

We will offer degrees open to all, valuing life and work experience, not just academic record. From the very start, students will be introduced to the skills they need for collaborative learning, supporting each other's academic development. We want all our students to be excited by and even to help develop, what and how they learn. 

You can find more information on our learning experience and specific programmes that we will offer below.

Learn with us

Students - the Heart of Co-operative Higher Education

Studying with us will be inspiring and exciting, with multiple opportunities to get involved.  We want you to have an equal voice, to learn from you and to help you develop skills and learning for life. 

We believe in the power of a community with students at its heart. We want that community to be welcoming and supportive to all, breaking down some of the financial barriers to study with our annual dividends.

Interested in studying or teaching with us? Could you sponsor a student to give them a fantastic opportunity that otherwise seems impossible for them? Please see below for further details of how to get involved.

Be part of something extraordinary