Who is it for?

Are you and your team curious about how co-operative governance works? Do you need help with the knowhow to get it right in your co-op? This workshop is just what your organisation needs.

What will participants learn? 

In this one day workshop they’ll have to opportunity to discuss any of your organisation's governance issues with experts. The key aim of this session is to make sure they can positively support co-ops on governance and risk management and implement effective business approaches.

At the end of this workshop your staff will be able to:

  • Give examples of governance issues that they’ve experienced and evaluate them in relation to business risk
  • Explore alternative approaches and share best practice
  • Identify potential risks caused by unsatisfactory governance arrangements
  • Relate specific examples to Governance codes and guidelines
  • Confidently demonstrate how to support others in relation to specific governance issues

How will participants learn?

During the workshop your team will learn by taking part in:

  • Whole and sub-group discussion with practical activities
  • Q&A sessions
  • Self-reflection activities to think about how they’ll apply what they’ve learned to a wider context

To arrange a telephone call to find out more or to discuss a timeline for your co-op let us know below: 

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