Who is it for?

Meetings are a crucial part of any organisation. This workshop will help your staff to improve their skills at chairing meetings or leading focus groups. 

What will participants learn?

This workshop teaches learners how to be neutral, confident and articulate Chairs so that effective and efficient meetings are more easily achieved.

Learners are taught various practical chairing skills. They are introduced to common ‘problem personality’ meeting attendees. A brainstorming session follows in which the group discusses techniques to deal with the assembly annoyance.  Finally, attendees take part in mock meeting scenarios in which one group member will take the role of Chair. This learner will receive constructive feedback on his or her performance. 

By the end of the workshop learners will know how to:

  • Exercise control
  • Direct discussion in a positive way
  • Enable all members to make their point
  • Interpret attendees’ body language
  • Drive the meeting forward
  • Summarise effectively
  • Lead the agenda item to a decision
  • Deal with ‘problem people’ 

How will participants learn?

During the workshop attendees will learn by taking part in:

  • Whole and sub-group discussion with practical activities
  • Q&A sessions
  • Self-reflection activities to think about how they’ll apply what they’ve learned to a wider context

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