We’ve partnered with Edisonlearning to bring you the Co-operative Challenge, a world class, sector leading, school improvement programme based on The Five Strand Model.

The model gives you a framework that captures the features of highly effective schools and puts you in control, with experienced Achievement Advisers to guide you along the way. The result is a flexible improvement strategy, tailored to your school and its particular requirements.

School Improvement – Co-operative Challenge

How does it work?

Our recommended route starts with the Co‑operative Challenge Quality Analysis (CCQA) which reviews all aspects of your school's performance and pinpoints the areas most in need. It can be used as a standalone tool and is often chosen by schools as the first step along their improvement journey. Once you’ve been through the process, the tool is also yours to keep, perfect for continually reviewing performance across all areas of your school.

Once you have identified which areas require the most improvement, you can then choose from a whole range of programmes. Each one targets a specific aspect of school improvement, and is priced individually, giving you the ultimate flexibility to tailor a package that meets your precise needs. You can see some examples of these below

Pedagogy and Curriculum - Connected Curriculum

Pedagogy and Curriculum - Learning and Life Skills

Leadership - Quality Framework for Leadership

Pedagogy and Curriculum - Quality Framework for Leadership and Teaching

Co-operative Challenge School Partnership

If you're looking to improve all aspects of your school's performance, we would recommend the Co-operative Challenge School Partnership. This intensive support package provides you with resources for all programmes within the five strand model, whilst you'll also get on-site implementation support each term over a two year period.

You can download a leaflet about our Co-operative Schools Improvement Programme here, or if you have any questions, contact our team directly below.

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