This workshop provides a practical introduction to Nancy Kline's 'Thinking Environment', which is based on the premise that ‘the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first’.

Participants will collectively explore how, by applying the principles of a Thinking Environment to meetings, the quality of thinking improves, leading to values-led effective working practices.

Who is it for?

Meetings are a crucial part of any organisation. This workshop will help your staff to improve their skills at chairing meetings or leading focus groups. 

What will participants learn?

By the end of the workshop learners will:

  • Know what the Thinking Environment is and the underlying principles behind it
  • Be able to employ the Thinking Environment Principles when leading meetings to ensure that meetings are focused, action oriented and time efficient, whilst ensuring that everyone present feels valued and their voice heard
  • Recognise the practical steps that can be taken to ensure individuals think with rigour, imagination and courage in meetings they are part of, as well as in their wider working practices

How will participants learn?

Participants will collectively explore how to apply the Thinking Environment Principles to meetings through practical activities and group discussions.

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