Dr Cilla Ross - Vice Principal

Cilla is an educator and researcher passionate about changing the world. She believes that the College is helping to do this by ‘doing’ learning, living, thinking and working co-operatively.

Dr Polly Wilding - Academic Programme Manager

Polly joined the College at the start of 2019. Her primary role is to support efforts to enable the College and its partners to award degrees using a distinct co-operative approach to learning and teaching. She draws on eleven years working as a Lecturer in Gender and International Development at the University of Leeds, and has a keen interest in interdisciplinary learning spaces. In her spare time Polly mainly likes being outside, wherever that is.

Dr Sarah Alldred - International Programmes Manager

Sarah joined the College in 2012, after 4 years working at Co-ops UK, and over 10 years working in the peace movement, doing her PhD research on post conflict reconstruction. Sarah manages our growing project portfolio across the College, and out of work enjoys dance, books, friends and food.

Gemma Obeng - UK Programmes Manager

Gemma is responsible for managing our projects in the UK and joined the college in November 2018. She has huge experience of managing projects for young people and communities and is passionate about supporting positive change. Gemma loves to travel and enjoys music, cooking and art, as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Dr Amanda Benson - Projects and Research Co-ordinator 

As Research and Projects Co-ordinator, Amanda is delighted to be able to unite her love of community development work, international co-operative development and research in one post that helps to promote sustainable and inclusive development both in the UK and worldwide. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys the theatre, live music, long walks and being outdoors.