Spanner in the works

Spanner in the works? Co-operation then, now and into the future is our five week evening course run in partnership with Imperial College London. Read more

AGM 2023 Trustee statements

We received three nominations for our 2023 Trustee elections. Here are the nominee names and their candidate statements. Read more

Co-operative Values and Principles in Action

This half day workshop provides an opportunity for a deeper immersion into what co-operative value-driven working means. Read more

Member to director pathway

This two session workshop provides practical skill and knowledge to support co-operative members wanting to progress to become a director. Read more

Effectively presenting your point of view

Learn how to effectively present your point of view, whilst listening to and respecting the views of others in this interactive and reflective workshop. Read more

Co-operatives and sustainability

The Sustainable Development Goals act as a call to action to build a fairer world. Find out more, including what they are and why they matter, on this interactive workshop Read more

Co-operatives worldwide

Join us at this one-day workshop and immerse yourself in the world of international co-operative development. Read more

Exploring international co-operative development

Explore how international co-operative development differs from traditional international development and see how co-operatives work to address a range of challenges across both the global north and south. Read more

Introduction to co‑operatives

Learn about the origins and history of the co-operative movement, and explore the co-operative values and principles. Read more

Developing an engaged membership

An engaged membership is essential for any co-operative to be effective. This workshop allows participants to explore what they're currently doing to engage members, and looks at the challenges and solutions to increasing engagement. Read more

Understanding strategy: a co-operative approach

This workshop provides an introduction to strategy, exploring what it is, why it is important and how it relates to the application of co-operative values and principles. Read more

Engaging and motivating others

Using a mix of group and individual activities, this session explores techniques for engaging and motivating others, and gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences. Read more

Building confidence in the workplace

Developing confidence in yourself and others can bring out the best in a workforce. This workshop explores techniques for building and reflecting on confidence. Read more

Meetings that work for all

This interactive workshop explores what an effective meeting looks like, and will help participants develop skills that will make meetings effective for everyone. Read more

Working together effectively

A full-day workshop which collectively explores strategies for working together as a team. Read more

Inclusion in action

This interactive workshop looks at organisational commitment to inclusion and how co-operative values can be used to help embed inclusivity into everyday practice. Read more

Promoting climate action – how co‑operatives can make a difference

Learn about the impact of climate change and the practical actions that you and your organisation can take to help promote positive change. Read more