“What we want and seek to obtain is a co-operative journey that will end in a co-operative university.” (Rae, 1909)

A long sought after dream of the co-operative movement, the current journey towards a Co-operative University began in 2012 when we commissioned a report to explore the barriers to, and the enablers of such a university.

Legislation change

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 removed some of the barriers for alternative providers and we subsequently committed to seeking university status.

We are aiming to have Degree Awarding Powers by autumn 2019 – delivering not only the programmes outlined on this website, but also accrediting and awarding qualifications delivered by our higher education co-operative partners. 

Working together

Many co-operative educators, academics, students and practitioners have worked with us to share ideas and shape the future Co-operative University.

We are characterised by deeply democratic structures, based on full student and member participation, equality and decent work.

The Co-operative University will be governed by a democratically elected board with staff and student representation. All staff and students will be members of the university with full voting rights at the AGM.

Our Higher Education partners

We are working with a diverse range of higher education co-operatives who all share the belief in a new type of university. Take a look at just some of them below. 

Feral Art School

Feral Art School Logo
Red Learning Co-operative Red Learning Co-operative Logo

Leicester Vaughan College

Leicester Vaughan Logo

Interested in studying or teaching with us? Could you sponsor a student to give them a fantastic opportunity that otherwise seems impossible for them? See below for further details of how to get involved.

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