Our eLearning courses are highly engaging, easy to use across a range of devices and ensure your members, volunteers and employees can learn quickly and easily.

In light of current circumstances and the impact that the coronavirus outbreak is having on all our lives, we're working to get as much resource and activity available online as fast as possible, so please keep an eye out for further updates.  
We are all assessing how we can work going forward and we want to be able to offer the support you need, so if you would like us to build customised courses for you or your organisation, turn something you already have into an eLearning course, or start from scratch, please get in touch via [email protected]
That's not all either, as we've also cut the price of our own eLearning courses by 50%, reducing bestsellers such as What is a Co-op to just £5 - perfect if you're new to the sector or just want to learn more about how brilliant co-ops are!

More courses to browse

There are also hundreds of useful courses available through the Upskill Platform,covering a whole range of topics from wellbeing to retail.
Below are just a selection, but please feel free to click through and browse the full catalogue.


For a limited time and thanks to our partnership with UpSkill People, we've secured access to their range of Mind courses. We know what a stressful and worrying time it can be for everyone right now and we want to do our bit to help. The courses cover a range of topics including:

  • What is Mental Health?
  • Managing Mental Health
  • Your Wellbeing
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Browse the full range via the button below and choose the courses that you want to explore further.

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If you're one of the thousands of people who have recently joined a retail business or you simply want to brush up on your skills then there are over 130 courses available on the UpSkill platform for you to explore.

From the rules around alcohol sales to food hygiene and introduction to store operations, there is a whole library of knowledge to explore. See the full range via the button below.

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Managing people

We know that managing people is a key part of millions of jobs which is why we offer such comprehensive training on such a wide subject. These bitesize courses will help you develop the skills needed to navigate the challenges of management with ease and equip you with the skills to tackle a whole range of different challenges. Browse the entire range via the button below.

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