Light fixture lit up to say change

With the new Co-operative Education Zine RECAST (No 1) now available we are celebrating Co-op Fortnight and the International Day of Cooperatives by inviting co-operators, activists, practitioners, College members and all educators to answer a simple question for Issue number two.

In your view: what is co-operative learning? 

Submission criteria

In a project led jointly by our Principal and Chief Executive Dr Cilla Ross and Dr Malcolm Noble from Leicester Vaughan College, they're asking for no more than 200 words in answer to the above question. They're especially interested in submissions that utilise alternative formats such as a short video, podcast, image, or poem.  

For example, you could use the beautifully simple Flipgrid which enables you to record yourself for 90 seconds and send the recording to a video wall at the press of a big green button. See some of the short clips and record your own via the button below.

Make your own Flipgrid video

We know great learning takes place informally in all corners of the co-operative movement around the world, and believe that this is where the co-operative difference lies. It's this diversity and breadth of submissions that we wish to encourage.

We also know that co-operators have a brilliant knowledge about the movement and co-op education. Please take a minute to reflect on your experiences of learning as a co-operator, trainer, or teacher, so that Cilla and Malcolm get a real snapshot of everyone's views.

Please send submissions and address any queries to [email protected] or [email protected] by Monday 31 August 2020.