We're delighted to announce that the UK's first ever Professorship in Co-operative Education has been awarded to our Interim Principal Dr Cilla Ross.

Who is awarding the Professorship in Co-operative Education?

Dr Ross, who has been with us since x receives the honour from the University of Nottingham and will hold the position until August 2023. As part of the role she will.......

What impact will the Professorship have?

The awarding of the professorship marks a significant moment in raising the profile of co-operative education and it's hoped will help relocate co-op pedagogy and thinking in the co-operative space. 

Commenting on the appointment, X from the University of Nottingham said, ""The University makes a number of these appointments so that distinguished practitioners in the professions or in business or in industry may, by lectures or seminars with students or by collaboration in research, strengthen the links between the University and those engaged in the relevant professions."

Dr Cilla Ross said: "xxxxxxx"