We're thrilled to announce that applications are now open for this MMU Vice-Chancellor PhD scholarship opportunity - Selling goods and ideals: co-operative Central Stores, c.1880-1950

The project itself will examine three broad areas:- 

Development of central stores

Here the focus will be on examining the buildings themselves (their architecture and design etc) the nature of the facilities provided (especially for education) and the range of goods sold.

Co-operative principles and values

The development of central stores will then be examined in the context of co-operative values. This will include a focus on discussions that took place at local levels amongst store managers and local co-operative societies and how these developed over time in relation to changing economic circumstances. There will also be a focus on the expectations of co-operative members, particularly with regards to the perceived need for the kind of education provided by the co-operative movement.

The changing nature of central stores 

This third strand will set the changing nature of central stores alongside the choices and experiences of those shopping and working in them. The aim will be to uncover the motivation of those using central stores as shops and as places of education and organised sociability. Did shoppers use the educational facilities? What did these stores mean to them?

The research will benefit from access to the extensive material which is held in the Co-operative Archive, housed right here in Holyoake House. 

Applications have now closed