The pioneers knew how crucial education was to transforming society. That's why they enshrined it in their values and principles. Almost 175 years on, the need to think differently hasn’t gone away. Societies problems won’t be solved by same old, same old.

That's why this Co-op Fortnight we're shining the spotlight on areas of our work where education has made a real difference, transforming thousands of lives and changing communities for the better. Take a look at just some of the examples below.


Our work in Malawi has seen the co-operative movement there flourish. Over 30,000 people have benefitted from our work there as we’ve grown the co-operative network not only country wide but right across the continent. Those involved have gone on to grow their co-operatives, establish new ones and empower the next generation to do it for themselves. A hand up, not a hand out. Real impact. Real change.

Education has been the driving force, equipping those most in need with the skills and knowledge to make a real difference. Read more about this life changing work below.

Our international work

Closer to home

In the UK our work has been no less transformative. Over the last 100 years we've led the way in spreading the message of co-operative education far and wide, playing a key role in helping businesses and individuals flourish. It's not just about businesses though - it's about people. In the last ten years alone we've delivered training to over 10,000 co-operative members

We've worked together with local communities to target our training in areas where it will get the most impact, from the young people taking part in our Youth Co-operative Action programme to the employees of worker owned co-operative Suma. See what they had to say about our training in the video below.

Making the time to learn

From workshops and webinars to our flexible eLearning packages, it's never been easier to make education work for you. This co-operative fortnight why not get in touch with our learning and development team and find out how we can help you and your co-operative achieve more!

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