Who is it for?

Conflict resolution is a crucial part of any workplace, especially in a co-op. All organisations will benefit from this workshop exploring conflict resolution.

What will participants learn?

They’ll learn to identify when conflict occurs and what methods to use in response. The day is divided into two blocks: ‘Taking a Step Back’, and ‘Taking a Step Forward’, to guide participants through the whole process of conflict resolution.

Taking a Step Back – at the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Recognised when they are in a conflict situation
  • Understood common triggers and how to respond
  • Acknowledged the physical effects
  • Developed immediate strategies for ensuring and improving well being
  • Recognised how to pause a situation in an effective way so as to go away and process/reflect
  • Recognised and learned how to switch off

Taking a Step Forward – at the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Understood how to return to a conflict
  • Understood the other person and learned empathy (actively putting themselves in the other person’s shoes)
  • Developed effective communication skills
  • Gained strategies for resolving conflict in a work setting
  • Understood the boundaries of responsibility

How will participants learn?

During the workshop they’ll learn by taking part in:

  • Whole and sub-group discussion with practical activities
  • Q&A sessions
  • Self-reflection activities to think about how they’ll apply what they’ve learned in the workplace

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