This year has seen individuals and communities come together to tackle enormous challenges, working with each other and proving that great things really do happen when people co-operate. From hospital heroes on the frontline to scientists developing viable covid-19 vaccines, co-operation has been vital to overcoming the huge obstacles that many of us have faced.

This Christmas were asking all our supporters to share the #GreatThings that they’ve witnessed where they live, support our charitable work that takes place in communities across the UK and around the world and celebrate the little things that we perhaps took for granted and now can’t wait to do more of.

Key ways people you can get involved

Support us

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and we know how stretched many people are right now. That’s why this Christmas we’re asking people to only donate if they can - even the smallest amount will make a real difference.

Donate and help us do more #GreatThings

Share your stories 

We want you to share the stories from your community and tell us how you’ve tackled the challenges of Covid-19 together. We also want to know which resources you’ve found helpful to get you through 2020 so we can collate them all together and share them with everyone in the New Year and start 2021 with an inspiring database that we can all use!

Celebrate with a video 

Help us build a wall of positivity to brighten 2020! We’re asking you to submit a short video via Flipgrid telling us about the little things that you maybe took for granted in the past that are now the #GreatThings that you’re now looking forward to the most. It might be visiting your favourite restaurant, meeting your best friend for a chat or simply having more time to yourself with a good book and a cup of tea. 

Simply click record a response below and follow the instructions.