Co-operative College Centenary Awards Nomination Form

We want your nominations for individuals and organisations you think are making a real difference in co-operative education.

In addition to celebrating our 100th anniversary of delivering co-operative education we are now asking you, our members and supporters to help us to recognise some of the fantastic co-operative education work going on across the UK and right around the world

•Who do you know that’s using co-operative values in their education and training?
•Who is trying out different ways of learning democratically together? •Who is using education to help to build a fairer world?

There are three categories that you can nominate an organisation or an individual for. These are:

- Co-operative College Centenary Award: Young Co-operative Educator (aged up to 35 - individuals only)
- Co-operative College Centenary Award: Community Education (individual or organisation)
- Co-operative College Centenary Award: Innovation in Co-operative Education (individual or organisation)

Tell us in no more than 150 words what inspires you about what they do and why you think their work deserves recognition.

Once we have received your nominations, a panel will vote on your suggestions. Successful nominees will then be invited to the Centenary Conference to accept their award.

Don’t forget to include their contact details and your own!

That’s it - you’re almost there. Now just click send below and your nominations will be officially entered!