We know how important youth social action and youth empowerment is, and how young people have many of the solutions and ideas to solve the problems posed by coronavirus. We see these online sessions as a platform for amplifying the voice of all the young people on our projects and want to encourage them to share their ideas with confidence!

The session

This session will see the return of guest host Louis Howell. It will be a mini-hackathon, focused on encouraging young people to not only generate ideas, but to troubleshoot and pitch some of these ideas around what social action young people can take during Covid-19.

There will also be an opportunity to build on these ideas post-session and develop them for future social action!

About the Speaker

Louis Howell | Entrepreneur, Educator, Activist

Louis Howell is a dynamic and rounded professional with experience that pans the voluntary youth sector, education sector and the world of small business. Today, he co-runs an educational social enterprise, Revolution Hive, that equips young people for life by running programmes focused on Personal Development, Social Responsibility and Global Awareness at schools, colleges and universities. 

Louis’ experience has also led to him doing expert consultancy for charities, social enterprises and corporate organisations that focus on improving their approaches to Youth and Community Development. For 3.5 years, he ran a marketing transformation company, Exponential Marketing, providing practical training and consultancy to small businesses whilst nurturing a generation of young marketers that respect and honour the craft. This will be relaunched in 2021.

His other commitments include being a trustee and volunteer at 2 small London-based charities whilst being on the Council of another national charity. Louis’ central belief is that young people are the leaders of today.

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