Traditional University graduation

Alternative, higher co-operative education dedicated to the public good.

That's the subject of a brand new publication to be discussed during this unique interactive webinar.

Focused on co-production methods, we'll explore how through working together, we can collectively develop a future edition.

The publication

The book, built through collective learning and collaboration, documents for the first time in one concise publication many of the alternative experiments currently underway that offer an alternative to the current university model.

Gone are vice chancellors on huge salaries - in their place is accountability across all levels of the institution, something which we know the co-operative model excels at.

Departmental closures, redundancies and strikes highlight how the current model offers little for so many. It's time to do education differently. 

What's planned

This free online only event will offer a deeper explanation of this co-operative model, allowing you to see first hand how co-production can be utilised to build a future institution that works for everyone.

You'll be encouraged to contribute ideas for a follow up publication, drawing on your own experience of what it means to learn, working together to create a shared vocabulary on co-operative learning and leave with a refreshed focus of what it means to do education co-operatively.

Join us online

Whether you are a past, present or prospective student or educator, or simply someone who's interested in co-operative learning, training and education, then we want you to join us for what promises to be a thought provoking event. 

Places for the webinar are limited - to help us with anticipated numbers, please book a free ticket below.

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