At the College, we often talk about our distinctive co-operative learning approach...but what does this really mean?

In this fun, interactive webinar, we’ll explore the essence of co-operative learning, through the metaphor of perfume-making.

Perfume is created through the process of blending a range of different ingredients that produces both range and depth; these top, base and heart notes are distilled together to produce a unique fragrance. What’s more, this fragrance profile is endlessly adaptable, changing its character through time, space, and context.

Co-operative learning is built on just such a blend of ingredients, such as individual and co-operative values, lived experience and a range of participatory learning methodologies. We would love you to take part in our own distillation and co-creation of what we mean by co-operative learning. What do you think are the top, base and heart notes of our co-operative learning blend?

Your tutors:

Stacey Salt

Stacey Salt – Adult Education Tutor

Stacey worked in the public and private sector for many years before moving into the world of adult education as a business tutor and advanced practitioner within a further education college. She has led projects for effective teaching, learning, assessment, and online delivery.

Photo of Amanda Benson

Amanda Benson – Curriculum Development Manager

As our Curriculum Development Manager, Amanda is able to unite her love of community development, curriculum design and research projects in one post! She helps to promote sustainable and inclusive development both in the UK and worldwide.

Join us on Wednesday 29 March between 12 noon and 1pm, for this FREE webinar.


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