Humans have feared domination by machines for centuries. 5 million jobs could be automated in the next 10 years in the UK. What does this mean for our society and the way we organise our world?

Can co-operatives offer a solution to a world of part-time, zero hour contract work? At a time when the number of zero hours workers has increased by over 800,000 within the past decade, 77% of self-employed workers are living in poverty (and 45% earn less than the living wage) and 7.1 million (more than one in five) are in precarious work, the need for alternative solutions is now more necessary than ever.

Join Pat Conaty and Alex Bird for a lively discussion on what role co-ops can play in the future world of work. They'll talk about their work over the last two and a half years researching the self-employed precariat, and other forms of precarious work including zero hour workers and agency staff, and how co-ops and trade unions can help the fight back to regain decent work.

They'll also draw on research from a number of important reports including “Organising Precarious Workers: Trade Union and Co-operative Strategies” for the TUC, “Not alone - Trade union and co-operative solutions for self-employed workers”, and “Working together - Trade union and co-operative innovations for precarious workers” for the Co-op College and Co‑operatives UK.

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