To make things easy, we've provided a simple list of everything that's taking place here at the college. There's also a handy link to click for more information on most entries.

We've sorted each entry into one of three handy categories:-

  • Courses - these are perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills and learn more about co-operatives
  • Event - We hold events throughout the year including conferences and study visits
  • Webinars - You can join these bitesize sessions from the comfort of your own home


19 - course - Helping Others to Learn - Train the Trainer 


1-2 May - Event - Our Annual Education and Research Conference

10 May - Course - Exploring International Co-operative Development

22 May - Course - Managing Conflict in Co-ops

31 May - Course - Directors' Induction


6 June - Course - Establishing Co-operative Culture

12 June - Event - Co-operative Study Visit

15 June - Webinar: Sharing your co-operative research- June 15 12-1pm 


3rd July - course - Behaving as a Co-operative Leader


We'll be adding events and courses here soon - keep checking back.


Look out for details of courses and events being added here soon.


Looks like we've nothing planned now but that won't last long!


Nothing here right now but look out for information being added soon.


3-5 - Course - Executive Education

Coming Soon

These events are just some that we have in the planning. If you'd like more information on any of them then get in touch with our team below.

- Course - An Introduction to Co-operative Finance

- Course - Train the Trainer

- Course - Researching Co-operatives Using Participatory Methods

- Course - Youth isn't Wasted on the Young

- Course - The Robots Are Coming

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